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    Garland Fatigued Driver Accident Lawyer

    Fatigued Driver Accidents

    We’re here to help you get compensation if you were struck by a fatigued driver in Garland. Our team understands that you may face serious economic losses after a collision with a drowsy truck driver. That’s why we’re ready to get to work on your claim right now.

    You may reach out to us for help by calling (469) 998-4069. Start discussing all of your legal options with a Garland fatigued driver accident lawyer right now. Focus on settling your claim or filing a lawsuit against the driver who struck you today.

    Statistics About Fatigued Driver Accidents in the U.S.

    Many drivers get behind the wheel every year while they are drowsy or fatigued. The National Sleep Foundation (NSF) records some information about drowsy driving accidents. According to this foundation, there are around 100,000 fatigued driver accidents reported to the police every year.

    However, it’s very possible that this is a low estimate for the number of actual fatigued driver accidents. The police cannot test someone for fatigue. This means that many fatigued drivers are not recognized after an accident.

    We’re ready to help you if you think driver fatigue played a role in your accident.

    Causes of Fatigued Driver Accidents in Garland

    You may wonder why driver fatigue accidents occur in Garland. Fatigue makes it much harder for drivers to focus on the road. They may get distracted or they could have trouble concentrating. Some drivers also take more risks if they are tired.

    Drivers who are very tired may even fall asleep behind the wheel. These drivers become a hazard to themselves and everyone around them. Fatigue may set in if drivers miss a single night of sleep. In fact, missing sleep may impair drivers as much as drinking alcohol.

    Truck drivers are at risk of driving while fatigued. These drivers often have to operate a vehicle for long periods of time. They may even have to drive overnight. These factors may lead to them becoming drowsy while behind the wheel.

    Get Help Quickly After a Garland Drive Fatigued Accident

    There’s no reason to wait to get help after a fatigued driver accident in Garland. You may start getting help before you even leave the scene of your accident. Make sure that you contact:

    • The police to report the accident
    • Emergency medical services, if you are hurt
    • A truck accident lawyer in Garland

    Reaching out for help allows you to start working on a fatigued driver accident claim right away. In addition to contacting us for help, it’s a good idea to gather some evidence at the scene of your accident. Make sure you take pictures of your injuries. You should also get contact information from the truck driver and anyone who saw the accident.

    Find out more about how to handle a fatigued driver accident by calling us at (469) 998-4069. Our Garland fatigued driver accident lawyers are prepared to handle your claim now.

    Your Damages for a Fatigued Driver Accident

    Collisions with large trucks often cause significant amounts of damage to other vehicles. They may also leave you with serious injuries, including broken bones and organ damage. Fortunately, a lawyer may take immediate steps to help you get compensation for these losses. Reach out to us so we may help you get damages for your:

    • Emergency medical treatment
    • Medical tests and procedures
    • Rehabilitation and physical therapy
    • Wages lost at work
    • Repairs for your vehicle
    • Pain, suffering, and mental anguish

    We know how to investigate a fatigued driver accident in Garland. Let us focus on handling your legal challenges while you recover. We’ll gather evidence to build your claim and then file a claim with the insurance company for you. Let us work tirelessly to bring you a settlement that covers your losses after a collision.

    You may also decide to file a lawsuit against the driver who struck you. This allows you to seek compensation through the court system. However, many cases in Garland are resolved outside of court. You may consider all of your legal options by reaching out to us now.

    Speak to a Garland Fatigued Driver Accident Lawyer Today

    Let us focus on helping you after a collision with a fatigued driver in Garland. Contact us to get a free consultation about your legal options. Take this step to start working with a fatigued driver accident lawyer in Garland. We’re ready to provide you with specialized assistance as we work to bring you compensation for your losses.

    Find out more by calling (469) 998-4069. You may also fill out our online contact form.

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