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    What Is the Most Common Neck Injury in a Car Accident?

    You may experience a number of serious injuries after a car accident in Dallas. Many of these accidents cause neck injuries, specifically. You may wonder: what is the most common neck injury in a car accident in Texas?

    Get information about the most common types of neck injuries on this page. Review symptoms of neck injuries and possible medical treatment for these injuries. You can also find information about how to get compensation for your injuries after a motor vehicle collision.

    Whiplash Is the Most Common Neck Injury in Car Accidents

    It is generally agreed that whiplash is the most common neck injury caused by a car accident. Whiplash is a soft tissue injury. This means it is an injury to the tendons, muscles, or ligaments in your neck. Whiplash occurs when your head is jerked back and forth due to the forces of a motor vehicle collision.

    You should be aware that whiplash may not appear immediately after your accident. A doctor may not even be able to determine if you are dealing with whiplash, because soft-tissue injuries do not show up on many diagnostic tests.

    Symptoms Associated with Whiplash in Dallas

    You may be wondering how you receive a diagnosis for whiplash in Dallas. Because this condition can be difficult to identify with testing, medical professionals usually focus on your symptoms. Make sure that you speak to a medical professional if you experience:

    • Pain in your neck, especially if it gets worse when you move your neck
    • Stiffness in your neck or a loss of your range of motion
    • Dizziness and fatigue
    • Tingles in your arms
    • Headaches
    • Pain in your shoulders, back, or arms

    Once you report these symptoms to your doctor, they may be able to set up a treatment plan for you. You may also experience tinnitus, blurry vision, or problems sleeping if you are dealing with whiplash in Dallas.

    Treatments for Whiplash in Texas

    If you are diagnosed with whiplash, you may need medical treatment to recover from your injuries. Doctors may prescribe you medications to reduce your pain and bring down the swelling in your neck. You may also be ordered to apply heat and cold to the site of your injury.

    You may need some physical therapy to recover from whiplash. Some individuals who are dealing with whiplash seek care from a chiropractor. In many cases, the injuries associated with whiplash are resolved within a few weeks of their accident, though you may develop chronic issues with pain in some cases.

    Other Neck Injuries Caused by Car Accidents

    Whiplash is the most common neck injury caused by car accidents in Dallas, but there are other injuries you could experience. Depending upon the severity of your accident, you may need medical treatment for:

    • Fractures of the bones in your neck
    • Pain associated with a disc injury

    Bone fractures, especially the bones in your neck, may be more serious than whiplash. You may require surgical treatment if you sustained damage to any of the bones in your spinal column. Injuries to your bones may be evident on X-rays and other assessments.

    Get Compensation for Neck Injuries After a Car Accident

    You may require extensive medical treatment if you sustained a neck injury in a car accident in Dallas. In some cases, a Dallas car accident lawyer could be able to help you get compensation for your medical expenses and lost wages at work. In order to get compensation, your lawyer may need to show that:

    • Another driver took an action.
    • The driver’s action caused your accident.
    • The accident caused your injuries.

    In order to get compensation, you may need to negotiate with the insurance company representing the other driver. This may allow your lawyer to secure you a settlement that covers your healthcare costs, vehicle repair costs, and more. In some situations, your lawyer may even advise you to file a lawsuit against the other driver. Note that you only have two years to seek compensation for your losses after an accident in Texas.

    Learn More About Neck Injuries in Car Accidents

    What is the most common neck injury in a car accident? Many people agree that whiplash is the most common neck injury experienced in motor vehicle collisions. If you sustained whiplash after an accident, you may seek compensation by working with a Dallas car accident lawyer. You could get damages to cover your medical treatment.

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