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    Carrollton Drunk Driving Accident Lawyer

    According to the State Department of Transportation, Carrollton had 141 drunk driving wrecks in 2017. While a smaller number than more densely populated cities like Austin, the percentage of drunk driving to the total population falls within a similar range. In short, these accidents are not rare, and they can lead to significant injuries that last a person’s lifetime. If you are injured in a wreck that involves a drunk driver, you may have cause for a personal injury claim for the compensation you need.

    Compensation for damages in these accidents can be high because the injuries these accidents cause are often very serious. Since the driver is inebriated and cannot respond easily to changing traffic conditions, these wrecks can involve high-speed impacts and cause injuries like the following.

    • Loss of limb
    • Paralysis
    • Traumatic brain injuries (TBIs)
    • Broken bones
    • Lacerations
    • Spinal cord injuries

    At our firm, a Dallas car accident law firm, our goal is to connect you with one of our Carrollton drunk driving accident lawyers who can help you fight for your rights and represent you in court and at the negotiation table.

    Filing Your Claim in Time

    One of the most important deadlines for an injured person to remember is the statute of limitations for personal injury claims. In Carrollton and throughout the state, this deadline is set by Texas Civil Practice and Remedies Code §16.003 at two years from the date of the injury.

    This means that you have two years from the date of your drunk driving crash to file your claim in court. It does not mean that the case has to be resolved in two years, but merely that you must start the process within that initial two-year time period.

    Sometimes, a claim may involve certain circumstances that extend the amount of time you have to file. Examples of these include:

    • When you are injured as a minor
    • When your injury is not readily apparent on the date of the accident.

    The latter option is rare in car accident cases because the court usually wants everyone involved in a car wreck to seek medical care on the day of their accident. That is considered a reasonable safety precaution, so it is difficult to argue for an extension based on the grounds that you did not know that you were injured. This is one reason that it is important to seek immediate medical attention after a drunk driving car wreck as well as hiring a Carrollton attorney to advise you on these issues.

    Why You Need Compensation

    Injuries from a drunk driving accident in Carrollton can involve long-term recovery, high-cost medical care, and permanent accessibility additions to your house. They can keep you out of work for extended periods of time and may result in you losing the ability to perform your previous job. All of these harms can stack up, leaving you in a difficult position with mounting debt and limited employment opportunities.

    When these injuries are the result of another driver, justice demands that they compensate you for the harm they caused. This is especially true in cases in which the driver exhibited severely negligent behavior like drunk driving or even texting while driving. Get in touch with our firm, a Dallas car accident law firm, today so that you can start working toward compensation with our experienced drunk driving accident attorneys in Carrollton.

    Types of Damages

    In drunk driving accident cases, damages are split between compensable damages and exemplary damages. Compensable damages are common to all personal injury claims, such as bicycle accidents and rear-end accidents, but exemplary damages are only awarded in instances of gross negligence. Compensable damages include economic harm like medical bills and the cost of replacing your vehicle as well as non-economic harms like pain and suffering.

    Exemplary damages in drunk driving cases are awarded at the discretion of the jury and total the higher of these two options:

    • Twice the amount of compensatory damages, up to $750,000
    • $200,000

    Evidence in Drunk Driving Claims

    To prove negligence, you need to show evidence that the other driver was at fault for the accident that injured you. Drunk driving claims obviously involve either a blood test or a breath test to determine that the other driver was at fault. Other kinds of evidence applicable in these claims include:

    • Eyewitness testimony
    • Testimony from accident reconstructionists
    • Pictures of the scene
    • Medical reports
    • Police accident reports
    • Surveillance or traffic camera footage

    By working with Carrollton drunk driving accident lawyers early on in a claim, you can work to preserve collect the evidence that shows the other driver’s fault. Timing is always a major factor in personal injury claims.

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    The Carrollton drunk driving accident attorneys at our firm, a Dallas car accident law firm, know that suffering from a severe injury is difficult. It requires your focus, energy, and time as you work to recover to your fullest potential. That is why we want to work for you and other injured people in similar situations, to help you get the compensation you deserve and need to move on with your life.

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