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    Carrollton Big Rig Accident Lawyer

    Truck Accidents

    You may want to get legal help on your side if you were struck by a big rig in Carrollton, Texas. Big rigs are large trucks. You may hear them called 18-wheelers or even semi-trucks. These vehicles can cause serious damage to your vehicle in the event of an accident. They can also cause severe injuries.

    You can get help recovering compensation for your injuries by contacting a Carrollton big rig accident lawyer. Your lawyer may be able to help you work to get damages for your medical expenses and other losses. Call us at (469) 998-4069 to learn more.

    Facts About Commercial Vehicle Accidents in Carrollton

    Big rigs are a type of commercial vehicle seen frequently on the streets around Carrollton. The Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) keeps track of how many commercial vehicle accidents occur each year. These accidents are reported by county. Carrollton is technically part of three counties: Collin, Dallas, and Denton. According to the DOT, in 2019 there were:

    • 578 commercial vehicle accidents in Collin county.
    • 4,146 commercial vehicle accidents in Dallas county.
    • 932 commercial vehicle accidents in Denton county.

    There are many commercial vehicle accidents in our area. These accidents often have more serious impacts on the drivers of passenger vehicles. This is because big rigs — and other commercial vehicles — are very large. They can crush smaller vehicles easily.

    Get Help After a Big Rig Accident in Carrollton

    You are not alone if you were struck by a big rig in Carrollton. You can get help on your side right away in this situation. In fact, you should reach out to:

    The Police Department

    You should report most motor vehicle accidents to the police in Carrollton. It’s especially important to report accidents that resulted in an injury. The police can then generate a report about your accident. This may help a lawyer show that the accident really happened.

    A Medical Professional

    Make sure that you get treatment if you were hurt in a big rig accident in Carrollton. Big rig collisions may result in a number of severe injuries. For example, you may need to seek medical care if you experienced:

    • Head or brain injuries.
    • Neck, back, or spine injuries.
    • Broken bones, burns, or lacerations.

    Getting medical treatment quickly may help show that your injuries were caused directly by the accident.

    A Big Rig Accident Lawyer

    Getting legal help is easy after a collision with a big rig. You can reach out to a truck accident lawyer in Carrollton for assistance right away after your accident. Your lawyer may take your side after a collision, working to bring you compensation from the insurance company. Find out more about your legal options by calling us at (469) 998-4069.

    Review the Causes of Big Rig Accidents in Carrollton

    Big rig accidents may occur for many different reasons in Carrollton. It’s important to determine the causes of your accident. You can only get compensation for your losses if someone else was responsible for the accident. Big rig drivers sometimes cause collisions if they:

    • Drive over the speed limit.
    • Make unsafe turns.
    • Fail to check their blind spots.
    • Improperly secure their loads.

    However, truck drivers are not responsible for all big rig accidents in Carrollton. Sometimes, the trucking company may bear responsibility for a collision. This could occur if the company hired improperly trained drivers or failed to keep their trucks maintained. A lawyer can review your accident to determine who caused the collision.

    Work to Get Compensation for a Carrollton Accident

    A lawyer can work to help you settle your claim after a collision with a big rig in Carrollton. Settling your claim may allow you to get damages to cover your healthcare expenses and other losses. Note that you should always have a lawyer assess a settlement offer before you accept it.

    You might choose to file a lawsuit against the person you caused your accident. Taking your big rig claim to court may help you get compensation for your losses. Reach out to a lawyer now to review all your legal options.

    Start Working with a Carrollton Big Rig Accident Lawyer

    You can get legal help on your side from a big rig accident lawyer in Carrollton. Start working on your claim now by calling (469) 998-4069. You can also fill out our online contact form to get help. We’ll go over the specifics of your case today.

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