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    Carrollton Fatigue Driver Truck Accident Lawyer

    Truck Accidents

    Drivers who operate a large truck while fatigued could end up causing a major accident. You can get compensation if you were struck by a tired truck driver. However, it may prove difficult to get this compensation in Carrollton, TX.

    Fortunately, you can work with a Carrollton fatigue accident lawyer right now. A law firm may help you build a claim to get compensation for your losses. Find out more about your options to settle your claim or file a lawsuit by calling (469) 998-4069.

    Fatigued Driver Causes Accidents in the U.S.

    According to the National Safety Council (NSC), fatigued driving is a major hazard around the country. Drowsy drivers cannot pay full attention to the road. They may have difficulty concentrating. Additionally, fatigue slows a driver’s reaction times.

    Truck drivers experiencing extreme fatigue may even fall asleep at the wheel. This could cause them to swerve across lanes of traffic. There are over 100,000 fatigued driving accidents reported to the police every year. These crashes result in:

    • Over 70,000 injuries.
    • Over 1,500 fatalities.

    Additionally, there are indications that drowsy driving is a factor in many other crashes. Police officers do not always realize that a driver is fatigued. This causes fatigued driving accidents to be underreported throughout the country.

    Reasons Truck Drivers Cause Fatigue Accidents in Carrollton

    Any driver in Carrollton may operate a vehicle while fatigued. The operators of large trucks may experience fatigue because they drive for long amounts of time, trying to make deliveries. They may also sleep poorly if they spend the nights in their trucks.

    In many cases, truck drivers are attempting to maintain difficult schedules. They may also simply not get enough rest on their days off, leading to fatigue. Any of these situations could result in a serious accident here in Carrollton. If you were struck by a fatigued trucker, you can get help on your side now. Simply call (469) 998-4069 to speak to a member of a legal team.

    Establish Fault for a Carrollton Fatigue Accident

    In order to get compensation for a fatigue accident, a lawyer may need to show that another driver caused the collision. Simply driving while tired is not enough to cause an accident. A truck driver must also take a direct action that leads to a collision.

    Your Carrollton fatigue accident lawyer may work to establish fault by investigating your case. A lawyer may dig into the facts by:

    • Speaking with witnesses who saw the collision.
    • Reviewing the police report about your accident.
    • Working with accident reconstruction specialists.

    Your lawyer may look for the inciting incident that caused your collision. Fatigued drivers often swerve across lanes. They may also slow abruptly or accidentally hit the gas. They may not pay attention to traffic signals. Any of these actions could cause a truck accident in Carrollton.

    Your Compensation for an Accident Caused By Fatigue

    You could get compensation if a fatigued truck driver hit you in Carrollton. Allow a lawyer to review all of your losses to help you get damages. Your lawyer may go over your medical records to help you get compensation for your:

    • Emergency medical care.
    • Surgeries and medical procedures.
    • Medications and rehabilitation.

    You may be able to get compensation for the wages you lost at work during your recovery. A lawyer may also help you get funds to repair the damage to your motor vehicle. Even your pain and suffering may get covered.

    Options to Handle Fatigue Accidents in Carrollton

    You have more than one option to secure compensation after a fatigued trucker hits you in Carrollton. In many cases, a lawyer may negotiate with insurance agents for you. Your lawyer may work to bring you a settlement that covers all of your losses.

    Your lawyer may also help you file a lawsuit through the court system. Note that you generally only have two years to seek compensation after a truck accident in Carrollton. This is because Texas has a two-year statute of limitations on most personal injury claims. Begin working on your case now with a truck accident lawyer in Carrollton.

    Talk to a Carrollton Accident Caused by Fatigue Lawyer Now

    You may want to contact a lawyer in Carrollton if you were struck by a fatigued truck driver. Reach out to a Carrollton fatigue accident lawyer today to get help. You can reach a member of our team to get a free consultation. We will go over your specific needs and help you build a claim for compensation.

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