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    Carrollton Construction Truck Accident Lawyer

    Construction Truck Accidents

    You may be eligible to receive compensation if you were hit by a construction truck in Carrollton. You could get damages to cover your medical expenses and other losses if someone else caused your accident. A Carrollton construction truck accident lawyer may be able to help you secure damages.

    Start working to build a claim immediately by calling us at (469) 998-4069. We can investigate the causes of your accident and take steps to show that your injuries were directly caused by the collision.

    Information About Construction Truck Accidents in Carrollton

    Construction truck accidents are often very serious because construction vehicles are very large. When they strike smaller vehicles – like a car or van – they may crush the smaller vehicle. They may also cause serious injuries to vehicle occupants.

    There are many possible causes of construction truck accidents. Many of these accidents occur because these trucks are so large that they have multiple blind spots. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) even provides information about construction equipment visibility.

    Construction trucks may not be able to see vehicles to either side or vehicles behind them. They may even miss your vehicle if you are directly in front of them. They could then pull into you or strike your vehicle, causing serious damage.

    Construction truck accidents may also occur because these trucks are so heavy. They are difficult to stop and they may roll over if they become unbalanced. All of these factors could result in a construction truck accident in Carrollton.

    Get Help on Your Side After a Construction Truck Accident

    You are not on your own after a collision with a construction truck in Carrollton. You can get help on your side right away from a number of different sources. It’s often a good idea for you to contact:

    The Police Department

    In many cases, you need to report motor vehicle collisions to the police. All accidents that resulted in an injury should get reported. The police can then visit the scene of your accident and file a report about what happened.

    Medical Professionals

    Construction truck accidents often result in very serious injuries. You may need to call emergency services to get an ambulance to your location. In other cases, you may drive yourself to a hospital to seek treatment for your injuries.

    A Truck Accident Lawyer

    Finally, getting legal help is important after a construction truck accident. It’s generally a good idea to contact a lawyer before you speak to insurance agents. A lawyer may provide you with comprehensive advice about securing compensation for your losses.

    Parts of a Construction Truck Accident Claim in Carrollton

    You are not automatically guaranteed compensation after a collision with a construction truck in Carrollton. You may only receive damages if your lawyer shows that someone else caused your accident. Your accident could be caused by:

    • The truck driver.
    • The trucking company.
    • The truck manufacturer.

    Trucking companies bear responsibility for some accidents, especially if the truck driver was working at the time of the collision. They may also hold liability for an accident if they improperly maintained the construction truck. Truck manufacturers sometimes cause accidents if they build trucks with dangerous defects. Find out more about fault for an accident by calling (469) 998-4069.

    Your lawyer also needs to show that the accident caused your injuries or losses. Your lawyer may dig into your case to show that your losses were directly tied to the collision.

    Your Options to Resolve a Construction Truck Accident

    Construction truck accident claims in Carrollton often end with a settlement. Settlement offers come from the insurance company. They may allow you to get compensation for your:

    • Current and future medical expenses.
    • Lost wages and lost earning potential.
    • Costs to repair your motor vehicle.

    Accepting a settlement means you don’t have to take your claim to court. However, there are times when insurance agents refuse to treat you fairly. In this situation, a lawyer may advise you to file a lawsuit against the party responsible for your accident.

    Speak to a Carrollton Construction Truck Accident Lawyer Now

    You have legal options available if you were struck by a construction truck in Carrollton. Working with a law firm quickly may help you build your claim. You can contact a construction truck accident lawyer in Carrollton right now. A member of our team will even provide you with a legal consultation to go over your specific case.

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