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    Carrollton Failure to Yield Accident Lawyer

    Failure to Yield Accidents

    You may get hurt in an accident in Carrollton if a trucker fails to properly yield the right of way. These failure to yield accidents can result in serious injuries and damage to your vehicle. Fortunately, a truck accident lawyer may be able to help you get compensation for your losses.

    Reach out to a Carrollton failure to yield accident lawyer for help right now. Just call us today at (469) 998-4069. A lawyer can work to build your claim so you get compensation for your medical expenses and other damages.

    Information About Failure to Yield Accidents in the U.S.

    Before we discuss failure to yield accidents, it’s a good idea to specify what we’re talking about. Failure to yield accidents occur when vehicles do not properly share the road. These accidents may occur at intersections if a vehicle does not wait their turn to cross the road. They may also occur when merging onto highways.

    Failing to yield is responsible for a large percentage of accidents at intersections every year. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) tracks information about these accidents. The NHTSA found that, over a multi-year period, failure to yield caused around:

    • 24% of crashes and fatalities at traffic signal intersections
    • 44% of crashes and fatalities at stop signs

    This information came from accidents that occurred around the country. You can get help if you were involved in an accident here in Carrollton. Simply call (469) 998-4069 to start building your claim with a failure to yield accident lawyer.

    Establishing Fault for a Failure to Yield Collision in Carrollton

    You may be able to get compensation if you were hurt in a failure to yield accident in Carrollton. However, you can only receive damages if someone else caused the collision. A lawyer can investigate your situation to see if the truck driver caused the accident. Truckers sometimes cause failure to yield accidents if they:

    • Are not paying attention at an intersection
    • Are in a hurry and run a red light or stop sign
    • Are driving while fatigued

    Your lawyer can review your police report and information provided by witnesses to build your claim. Sometimes, a lawyer may even bring in an accident reconstruction specialist to determine what happened in your accident.

    Note that you may still get a portion of compensation if you were partially at-fault for the collision. Texas is a comparative negligence state. This means that multiple drivers may hold responsibility for an accident. However, you receive reduced compensation if you contributed to the collision.

    Types of Compensation for Carrollton Failure to Yield Accidents

    A failure to yield accident may leave you with high medical expenses, but you can receive compensation for these losses in Carrollton. A truck accident lawyer can help you get coverage for your:

    • Emergency medical treatment
    • Time spent in the hospital
    • Surgeries and medical procedures
    • Medications and physical therapy

    You can also get compensation for any time you spent off of work during your recovery. A lawyer could help you receive damages for your vehicle repairs as well. You may even get funds to cover your pain, suffering, and mental anguish.

    Allow your lawyer to review all of your medical bills and other expenses. This will help your lawyer to ensure all of your expenses are appropriately covered in Carrollton.

    Options to Handle a Failure to Yield Accident Claim in Texas

    You have several legal options to resolve a claim after a failure to yield accident. Many of these claims end with a settlement. Settlements are offered by insurance agents after a collision. Note that some settlements are very low and may not cover all of your expenses. Allow a lawyer to review a settlement before you accept it.

    Insurance agents may also try to blame you for the accident. They could claim that you did not experience injuries in the crash. A lawyer can help you dispute these claims.

    Your lawyer can also help you file a lawsuit if insurance agents won’t treat you fairly. You could take your case all the way to court here in Carrollton to get compensation for your losses.

    Contact a Carrollton Failure to Yield Accident Lawyer Today

    Start working to get compensation after a failure to yield truck accident in Carrollton. Reach out to a law firm to get help on your side today. Call (469) 998-4069 or complete our online contact form to build a claim. Our failure to yield accident lawyers in Carrollton are prepared to help you.

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