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    Carrollton Passenger Vehicle Accident Lawyer

    Getting into an accident in a passenger vehicle in Carrollton is a scary, painful, and overwhelming experience. It’s even worse when you have mounting medical bills and other costs, not to mention missed wages as you try to recover. Thankfully, if you did not cause the accident, a Carrollton passenger vehicle accident lawyer can help you file a claim to seek compensation for your damages.

    Our Dallas car accident law firm can help you with every legal detail after your accident. We serve injury victims in Carrollton and the entire Dallas-Fort Worth area, and we’re committed to your justice. We strongly believe that every accident victim deserves experienced and knowledgeable legal representation, and that’s what we can provide for you.

    Don’t just settle for any lawyer. Work with someone who has the experience and passion to help you seek the fullest compensation possible. To get started with a FREE, no-risk consultation, call us at (469) 998-4069 or reach out through our online form.

    How to Know if You Need a Lawyer After a Passenger Vehicle Accident

    If you were hurt in an accident that was not your fault, it’s best to work with a lawyer as soon as possible. That’s because the insurance claim process can be overwhelming and confusing, and most victims are very vulnerable after an accident.

    You will want to seek financial recovery by filing a personal injury claim against the at-fault driver, which means you’ll mostly be dealing with your insurance company. Unfortunately, insurance companies do not fight fair.

    The insurance company might use tactics like:

    • Offering you a lowball settlement soon after the accident
    • Blaming you for a portion or all of the accident
    • Questioning your medical treatment costs, such as saying they were caused by a pre-existing condition instead of the accident and
    • Contacting you and trying to get information that can be used against you

    Insurance adjusters are often good at what they do. They will try to make you trust them and feel like they have your best interest in mind. The adjuster might say that their offer is the best you’re going to get and that getting a lawyer will be a waste of time and money—but that couldn’t be further from the truth.

    The truth is, insurance companies care most about their bottom line. They are always looking for ways to pass less on accident claims because they know a claim doesn’t make them money. Having a Carrollton passenger vehicle accident lawyer on your side ensures you don’t get taken advantage of and that you have a legal expert protecting your rights.

    How a Carrollton Passenger Vehicle Accident Lawyer Can Help You

    In Texas, you have a right to financial recovery if you were injured in an accident that wasn’t your fault. Under Texas Civil Practices and Remedies Code section 33.001, the only condition under which you cannot recover damages is if you were more than 50% at fault for the accident.

    Most passenger vehicle accident victims have never had to deal with this type of legal process before. A lawyer can guide you through each step so that you don’t need to stress about the details. Ways they can help include:

    • Gathering information to support your claim and show who was at fault for your accident
    • Compiling evidence of your damages and calculating the full value of your claim (which is often a lot more than victims realize)
    • Communicating and negotiating with the insurance company on your behalf
    • Helping you file a lawsuit if you end up needing to go to court
    • And much more

    Our Dallas car accident law firm always offers a FREE consultation so you can get to know your lawyer, ask any questions, and go over your legal options. Plus, if you decide to work with us, there is no charge unless we win you a settlement or award. To schedule your FREE consultation today, call (469) 998-4069.

    What to Do After a Passenger Vehicle Accident in Carrollton

    After your accident happens, there are actions you can take to support your case. For one, you should always call the police to report an auto accident with injuries in Texas. This will alert the police so that they can come to the scene and create an accident report on what happened.

    Other than reporting the accident, here are some of the main things we recommend victims do if they are well enough to perform them.

    Take Pictures

    If you have your phone or a camera on you, use it to take pictures of:

    • Your injuries
    • Your vehicle damages
    • The entire accident scene and
    • Anything else that might help show what happened

    Photos preserve the scene even if it changes or gets cleaned up soon afterward. It’s best to get several shots from different angles to create a clear picture of the scene.

    Get Medical Attention

    If you have serious or life-threatening injuries from the crash, tell the 911 dispatcher or responding officers that you need medical attention. Otherwise, make sure you see a doctor as soon as possible after you leave the scene.

    Exchange Information

    While you’re waiting for the police to arrive, exchange names, vehicle information, license plate numbers, driver’s license, and phone numbers with the other driver in the accident.

    Talk to a Passenger Vehicle Accident Lawyer

    Get an experienced and trusted lawyer on the phone as soon as you can. They can help you gather further information on your accident and begin building a strong case. This will also protect you in case the insurance company tries to contact you.

    Speak with a Carrollton Passenger Vehicle Accident Lawyer for Free Today

    Our car accident lawyers are ready to help you with your case. Contact us today to give us some information on your claim and we’ll discuss how we can help you. We don’t collect a fee unless we win your case, so there is no risk in contacting us.

    To get started with a FREE consultation and get matched with the best lawyer for your needs, call us today at (469) 998-4069 or contact us online.

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