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    North Richland Hills Personal Injury Lawyers

    Personal injury is an area of law that encompasses many different kinds of incidents.

    Personal injury is an area of law that encompasses many different kinds of incidents. From rear end car accidents to nursing home malpractice to slip and fall injuries, this area of law is designed to help injured people collect compensation from people responsible for the harm they have endured.

    How to receive compensation after a car accident?

    Though there are a wide variety of cases to which personal injury law applies, our firm, a Dallas car accident law firm, is a firm that has experience in all of them. If you are injured due to the actions or negligence of another person, we can help you get the monetary award you deserve so that you and your family can move on with your life.

    Our North Richland Hills personal injury attorneys have worked on a number of various cases over the years, including some of the following:

    • Bicycle accidents
    • Pedestrian collisions
    • Medical malpractice
    • Bus crashes
    • Tractor trailer wrecks

    We have seen many injuries in our clients, some of which might be similar to the harms you have experienced. Examples of the injuries we have represented include Traumatic Brain Injuries (also known TBIs or severe concussions), loss of limb, paralysis (such as permanent and temporary paralysis, both partial and total), broken bones, and more. We can help you through each phase of a successful personal injury claim so that you and your family can focus on recovering instead of on complex legal matters.

    How a Local Attorney Can Help My Claim in North Richland Hills

    There are innumerable aspects of personal injury law that may apply to your case. Our North Richland Hills personal injury lawyers may be able to help you with all of them. Below are some of the many ways in which our attorneys at our firm, a Dallas car accident law firm, can improve the viability of your claim.

    Filing Paperwork on Time

    Texas Civil Practice and Remedies Code §16.003 indicates that the statewide statute of limitations for personal injury claims is set at two years from the date of the accident in question. In other words, you must file your claim within two years of the injury in order to retain the legal right to pursue compensation from the at-fault party. Our North Richland Hills attorneys can handle your paperwork and ensure that everything is filed within the appropriate time frame to preserve your rights and best interests.

    Discerning Possible Defendants

    Some cases may warrant numerous defendants in addition to the specific person who caused your injury. For example, companies like Uber and Lyft may be responsible for accidents caused by their rideshare drivers. Other possible defendants include manufacturers of faulty products, trucking companies, and even bars or other drinking establishments in the event of a drunk driving accident. We will go over the details of your claim to discern which parties may be liable for damages, thereby extending the compensation you to which you may be entitled.

    Understanding Local Systems

    Like all local court systems, the North Richland Hills legal arena features judges with unique temperaments and defense counsel with unique penchants for negotiations. By working with local attorneys like those at our firm, a Dallas car accident law firm, , you may be able to tap into the experience that will help improve your chances at payout.

    Getting Paid for My Claim

    At the heart of every personal injury claim is the need to be compensated for the injuries and difficulties you have suffered.

    Types of compensable damages after personal injuries

    • Economic Harms
    • Non-economic Damages
    • Rare Instances of Extra Compensation

    We begin by making a comprehensive list of the ways that you have been negatively affected by the event that injured you. Known as your compensable damages, these harms can be categorized into two camps.

    Economic Harms

    The first category consists of the damages you incur that directly affect your finances. They can include items like repair costs for broken property, medical expenses, and even the wages you lose as a result of being unable to work. The evidence for these kinds of harms tends to be found in bills, receipts, or other forms of a “paper trail.”

    Non-economic Damages

    Other harms are not directly impactful to your bank account. Such subjective harms include issues like your physical pain, mental anguish you endure, loss of consortium with a spouse, and even depression or loss of enjoyment in life that stems from the injury. Typically, it is important to seek testimony from an expert witness who can attest to appropriate monetary values for these damages.

    Rare Instances of Extra Compensation

    On a few rare occasions, additional compensation may be available to the injured person. Awarded at the sole discretion of the jury, these “exemplary damages” are reserved for instances of extreme or gross negligence on the part of the at-fault party. Exemplary damages can apply in car crashes resulting from texting and driving, for instance, and are limited to the higher of the following two amounts:

    • 200,000
    • Twice your economic damage amounts, plus up to $750,000 of your non-economic damage values

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