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    North Richland Hills Wrong Way Accident Lawyer

    North Richland Hills Wrong Way Car Accident Lawyer

    Driving the wrong way on a highway is a dangerous behavior here in North Richland Hills. Drivers who drive against traffic often end up causing head-on collisions. These collisions can lead to vehicle damage, injuries, or even fatalities.

    We are here to help you after a wrong way collision. You can easily reach out to a North Richland Hills wrong way accident lawyer for help today. Just call (469) 998-4069. Let us work on your claim and focus on bringing you compensation today.

    Facts About Wrong Way Driving Accidents in the U.S.

    Wrong way driving occurs when a driver operates their vehicle against the flow of traffic. According to the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA), these accidents occur on highways. These accidents can take place on:

    • Entry ramps
    • Exit ramps

    In some cases, wrong way drivers cut across a median to drive the wrong direction on a freeway or highway. This can put them directly into the path of oncoming traffic. This generally results in a head-on collision.

    There are around 300-400 fatalities associated with wrong way driving accidents on a yearly basis in the U.S. These accidents cause many more injuries and property damage crashes. We are ready to help if you – or a family member – sustained an injury in a collision. Reach out to us right now for help.

    Steps After a Wrong Way Accident in North Richland Hills

    A wrong way accident can leave you unsure about what to do next. A lawyer can help you review the steps you should take after a collision. In many situations, the experts recommend that you:

    • Inform the police that you were in an accident
    • Take pictures of the scene of the accident, your injuries, and any vehicle damage
    • Get contact information from the other driver and eyewitnesses
    • Contact an ambulance for emergency medical care

    It’s very important that you get medical care if you were hurt in a wrong way collision in North Richland Hills. That can show that the accident caused your injuries. This helps you get compensation for your losses in some situations.

    You can learn more about the steps to take after your collision with a North Richland Hills wrong way accident lawyer. Contacting us for the help you want is easy. Just call (469) 998-4069. We’re standing by to listen to your side of the story immediately.

    Build a Claim After a Wrong Way Accident in Texas

    A lawyer can step in to help you get compensation after a car accident in North Richland Hills. Our team knows that there are two primary components to wrong way accident claims. We’re ready to show that:

    Someone Else Caused Your Accident

    Establishing liability for a wrong way accident is very important. That’s why we’ll begin investigating the causes of your accident right away. You can count on us to:

    • Review the police report
    • Speak with all witnesses
    • Visit the scene of the accident
    • Contact accident reconstruction techs

    Taking these steps can allow us to show that another driver caused your accident. We can work to show that another driver was driving the wrong way on a road and struck you.

    The Accident Caused Your Injuries

    You can often get compensation after a wrong way accident in North Richland Hills. However, a lawyer first has to show that the accident led directly to your injuries. We can focus on bringing you damages to cover your:

    • Medical expenses
    • Lost wages
    • Vehicle damage
    • Pain and suffering

    Get started by contacting us right now.

    Limits for a North Richland Hills Wrong Way Accident Claim

    You should know that you do not have unlimited time to file a claim in court after a wrong way accident. In fact, Texas has a statute of limitations for car accident claims. Usually, drivers only have two years to file a claim. Some drivers only have six months.

    We’re ready to step in to make sure that your claim is filed on time. We can also focus on bringing you compensation through a settlement with the insurance company. We know most claims in our area are settled out of court. Contact us now to learn more.

    Speak to a North Richland Hills Wrong Way Accident Lawyer

    Don’t wait to get legal help after a wrong way accident in North Richland Hills. You can begin working to build a claim right now. We’ll focus on bringing you the compensation you want as you recover from your injuries. Contact a wrong way accident lawyer in North Richland Hills today for a free consultation.

    You can reach us by calling (469) 998-4069. We also have an online contact form.

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