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    Grapevine Bad Road Conditions Truck Accident Lawyer

    Grapevine Bad Road Conditions Truck Accident Lawyer

    Bad road conditions are responsible for many accidents on a yearly basis. These accidents may be caused by damage to pavement or asphalt. Roads that are in bad repair increase the odds that an accident could occur in Grapevine.

    Bad road conditions are also caused by the weather, in some cases. In either situation, you may sustain injuries in a collision. A Grapevine bad road conditions accident lawyer can step in to help you get compensation for these losses. Find out how to seek damages by contacting us at (469) 998-4069.

    Get the Facts About Bad Road Condition Accidents

    As we mentioned, there are multiple causes of bad road condition accidents in Grapevine. These accidents can occur if the city does not keep roads in good repair. For example, let’s say that the city allows large potholes to develop on certain streets. Vehicles can lose control as they drive over these holes, especially if they are operating their vehicle at a high level of speed.

    Some accidents are caused by bad conditions associated with the weather. The Federal Highway Administration (FHA) records information about these accidents. According to the FHA, more than 20% of motor vehicle accidents are caused by the weather each year. These accidents may be caused by pavement that is:

    • Wet
    • Icy
    • Slushy

    We’re here to help you learn more about accidents caused by bad road conditions in Grapevine.

    Investigate the Causes of a Bad Road Conditions Accident

    You may want compensation after a Grapevine bad road conditions accident. Many drivers are unsure if they can get damages after these accidents. You may worry that no one was actually “at-fault” for an accident. However, this is often not true. A lawyer can work to show that your accident was caused by:

    The Other Driver

    Drivers are expected to adjust the way they drive if road conditions are poor. Drivers may need to slow down if there are a lot of potholes, for example. They may also need to turn on their lights or their windshield wipers. Ignoring these steps could make another driver responsible for your accident.

    The City

    The city often has a responsibility to maintain safe road conditions here in Grapevine. However, it can be hard to prove that the city did not perform adequate maintenance to prevent an accident. Speak with a Grapevine bad road conditions lawyer about this situation. Call our team at (469) 998-4069 so we can discuss your legal situation.

    Losses for Grapevine Bad Road Condition Accidents

    A bad road conditions accident in Grapevine can leave you facing numerous losses. Your losses may be higher if you are struck by a commercial vehicle. These large trucks often leave behind severe vehicle damage in the event of an accident.

    You can also sustain serious injuries in an accident caused by poor road conditions. Make sure you seek medical care quickly if you were hurt in an accident. We know that the costs for medical care can add up quickly in Grapevine. That’s why we’re here to help you get compensation for your:

    • Emergency medical care
    • Hospitalization
    • Surgeries and other procedures
    • Medical tests and assessments
    • Rehabilitation and physical therapy

    In some cases, you may also experience pain and suffering after a bad road conditions accident. A lawyer can help you get compensation for these non-economic losses. You can even get exemplary damages from the person at-fault for the collision.

    Aspects of a Claim for a Truck Accident in Grapevine

    In order to get compensation for a bad road conditions accident in Grapevine, you may want to work with a lawyer. Your lawyer can focus on showing that someone else caused your collision. A lawyer can also need to demonstrate that the accident caused your injuries.

    This may require your lawyer to investigate your case. We know how to handle truck accident cases here in Grapevine. We’re ready to negotiate with insurance agents to bring you a fair settlement. Our team can also take your claim to court. Begin reviewing your legal options by contacting us now. We’re standing by to help after a bad road conditions collision.

    A Bad Road Conditions Accident Lawyer in Grapevine Could Help

    Don’t wait to get help after a collision caused by poor road conditions. Begin working on your legal claim immediately by contacting us. Our bad road conditions accident lawyers in Grapevine can build your claim. Let us deal with all your legal needs so you can focus on healing. Get started with a free consultation.

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