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    Cedar Hill Blind Spot Accident Lawyer

    Blind Spot Accidents

    Were you injured in a blind spot accident in Cedar Hill? If so, you may focus on getting compensation for your losses by working with a member of our team. We understand how to help you get damages to cover your:

    • Medical expenses
    • Lost wages at work
    • Vehicle repair costs

    Find out more about your legal options in this situation by contacting a Cedar Hill blind spot accident lawyer. We’re here to help—just call (469) 998-4069 to start working on your claim right away.

    Find Out More About Blind Spot Accidents

    You may sustain serious injuries if you were in a blind spot accident here in Cedar Hill. These accidents occur when one vehicle hits another that the driver did not see. Blind spots are more common and larger for big trucks. Commercial vehicles often have blind spots:

    • Up to two lanes to their right
    • One lane to their left
    • Up to 20 feet in front of them
    • Up to 30 feet behind their rear bumper

    This information comes from the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA). You may have heard that truckers cannot see your vehicle if you cannot see their mirrors. This is a good rule of thumb to follow while driving.

    Drivers are expected to check their blind spots while driving. Unfortunately, some drivers do not check thoroughly before passing, merging, or making a turn. This could result in a serious blind spot accident here in Cedar Hill.

    Establish Fault for a Blind Spot Accident in Cedar Hill

    It’s important to access the causes of a blind spot accident in Cedar Hill. If another driver caused the accident, you may get compensation for your losses. You may even receive damages if you are partially at fault because Texas is a comparative negligence state.

    However, drivers receive less compensation if they bear a percentage of fault for a collision. A truck accident lawyer in Cedar Hill may work to show that you did not cause a wreck. Members of our team are ready to assess the causes of an accident by:

    • Requesting a copy of your police report
    • Speaking to all eye-witnesses who saw the accident
    • Visiting the scene of the accident directly
    • Working with accident reconstruction technicians

    Let us focus on showing that another driver was liable for your collision. We’re ready to begin working on your claim today if you call (469) 998-4069. Focus on your legal needs with a blind spot accident lawyer in Cedar Hill.

    Focus on Your Injuries After a Blind Spot Collision

    In order to get compensation after a blind spot accident, a lawyer must show that someone else caused your wreck. Your lawyer also needs to show that the accident directly led to your injuries. You may help with this by seeking medical care quickly after your accident. Get treatment if an accident left you with:

    • Head or brain injuries
    • Back, neck, or spine injuries
    • Internal injuries
    • Burns, cuts, or broken bones

    Getting medical care quickly may also help you get back your peace of mind after a collision. Note that insurance agents may contact you while you are in the hospital recovering. They may offer you a settlement before you are released.

    It’s advised that you do not accept any settlement before a lawyer looks it over. Insurance companies sometimes try to get you to accept a subpar settlement. Once you accept a settlement, you may no longer seek additional compensation. Let a truck accident lawyer in Cedar Hill assess any deal before you sign paperwork from the insurance company.

    Your Compensation for a Blind Spot Accident in Cedar Hill

    You may get compensation for your healthcare expenses after a blind spot accident in Cedar Hill. A lawyer may also help you seek damages for the costs to repair your vehicle. Even your pain and suffering could get covered after a blind spot wreck.

    You may receive compensation through a settlement with the insurance company. You may also decide to file a lawsuit in court against the driver who struck you. Speak with a lawyer to determine the best way to seek compensation in your specific case.

    Talk to a Cedar Hill Blind Spot Accident Lawyer Right Now

    Focus on getting compensation after a blind spot collision in Cedar Hill by contacting us. We are prepared to handle all aspects of your legal case, starting immediately. You may reach out to us if you call (469) 998-4069. You may also complete our online contact form. Focus on getting help from a blind spot accident lawyer in Cedar Hill today.

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