Sports Car Runs Stop Sign and Flips into Creek

What’s the first thing that many want to do when they get behind the wheel of a sports car?  Speeding and reckless driving.  Unfortunately, those two activities can lead to injuries and even death.

This was none so clear as in a recent case of a 31-year-old man who got behind the wheel of a Dodge Charger.  He was cruising west down Canada Drive, enjoying the scenery when he ran a stop sign at Pluto Street.

Unfortunately, running the stop sign was the least of his worries.  Something caused him to veer off the road and down into an embankment.  His vehicle rolled around and around, winding up upside down in a creek.

Rescuers were able to retrieve the unidentified man from the vehicle, taking him to Parkland Memorial Hospital.  They did everything that they could, but his injuries proved to be too much for him.

An experienced Dallas Personal Injury Attorney might be able to help in this situation.  Questions can be answered… were there some misfires in the vehicle? Was there someone else who caused the now-deceased man to swerve out of the way? While we might never know for sure what caused the accident, an attorney, working along with investigators, will be able to figure out the reasons behind it and determine the best means of compensation for the family (if any are warranted).

Have you had a loved one die in an accident?  Do you believe that there was someone else at fault for it? Give our offices a call, and we’ll be able to sort it out for you.


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