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    Fire Truck Crashes into Dairy Queen

    images (5)Three people have been injured after a fire truck crashed into a Dairy Queen in Farmersville last week.

    Authorities say that the incident could have been far worse when a vehicle being returned to the Greenville Fire Department after being serviced at a shop in Denton jumped the curb and hit the popular Dairy Queen restaurant that is located just off the highway.

    Employees who were at the restaurant watched in disbelief as the large vehicle went airborne and struck the restaurant. One employee missed being seriously hurt by inches. Another drive through worker had to be located in the rubble and was transported to an area hospital. A drive thru customer was also hurt in the incident.

    Investigators are uncertain why the truck veered off the road. According to the Greenville Fire Department, the truck had been in service for less than a year and had been serviced in Denton for “minor tweaks”.

    The owner of the building was inside at the time of the accident. He is not sure, after his restaurant was levelled just how long he will have to stay closed and is concerned for the 32 employees who work for him.

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