Don’t Mess with Semis

Dallas Truck Accident AttorneyWhen you’re on the road, the vehicles that you don’t want to mess with are the tractor trailers.  This isn’t because the drivers are mean or vindictive, but more that they drive vehicles that are much much larger than yours.  It’s almost like looking at the size difference between a Great Dane and a pug.

And, no matter how much we rail against the idea, there are still people who insist that ‘threading the needle’ and messing with semi-trailer trucks is a great way to get ahead on the road. In this story, Dallas drivers felt the inconvenience of one person’s hubris.

It was early in the morning on US 75 near Midpark Road.  4am, the perfect time for semis to get the real driving done and the rest of us to be just getting up.  With so very little traffic at 4am, it takes talent to hit what was probably the only other vehicle on the road, but a vehicle did it.

And, they punched a hole in the fuel tank, leaking a small bit of gas on the road.  This meant that hazmat teams needed to be called out for the spill while two lanes of US 75 were closed to get it taken care of.  Since it was so early, it only inconvenienced some of the people as it was cleared up by 6:30am.

There were no injuries, only delays.

If you’ve had a fender bender with a semi, or you’re a semi driver who’s been in a fender bender, give us a call.  We’ll be happy to answer all of your questions about the law.


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