Bus Crashes into Day Care Van

download (20)Imagine this: someone who is just as tired as you are at some very early time of the morning is transporting your children to school. You’re leaving that child in the hands of someone who knows how to get children there on time safely. They’ve been doing it for years, after all.

Then, one day your child is texting you about nothing in particular when their bus gets into a crash. Your senses go into overdrive, wondering whether everyone is uninjured. More to the point, wondering whether your child is uninjured.

You receive the notice that they’re going to crash, and you can’t do anything. “Oh, I can tell we’re going to crash. We were slowing down, but not slowing down in time.” That’s the worst, when your children are able to watch the crash happen in slow motion.

Fortunately, when the school bus crashed into the day care van, only two adults were injured in the entire affair. The van cut off the bus, and the kids knew it. People were jostled and the kids had to be transported in with another bus, but they finally made it to school.

Parents were set at ease with the news that there were no injuries, but what if there had been? How would they have sorted out the possibility of injury suits being filed by the parents of the injured kids? That’s where a great personal injury lawyer comes into play.

If you or your child have been injured in a crash, whether by a school bus or otherwise, we can help. Give us a call for your free consultation to see what we can do for you. 


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