UPS Driver Collides With Motorcycle

Look twice.  Save a life.  You see the bumper stickers everywhere concerning motorcycles.  They’re small and they’re easy to miss, even on a clear afternoon.  The damage to the motorcycle driver is usually significantly more severe than the damage to the driver of the car or other vehicle.

A UPS driver collided with a motorcycle driver as the UPS truck turned left. The motorcycle driver apparently didn’t have time to stop and collided with the UPS truck.  This accident near Windham Road in Waxahachie was fatal.

When an accident is fatal, it’s thoroughly investigated.  The police, family, and other interested parties want to know why the accident happened.  One of the other parties who gets involved is the personal injury lawyer.  He or she represents interested parties so that they receive the best judgment. They look at the details and try to discover extenuating circumstances behind the accident itself to determine who was really at fault. There are questions to be answered in every accident. For instance, was alcohol involved in this fatal crash?  Were there weather issues happening?  Was there a malfunction in the UPS vehicle to make it turn right? All of these can affect compensation amounts.

By asking the right questions, you can get the decision and the compensation you deserve. If you have been involved in a similar situation where a motorcycle-driving family member has been hit with a vehicle, give the Dallas Car Accident Lawyers a call.


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