Two Fatal Accidents in Construction Zones

6693198541_de2b3303c3_mWhen you get on an accident on the highways or interstates, the usual rule is to move the car over to the shoulder so others can pass. But what happens when you wreck inside of a construction zone with a narrow shoulder, or no shoulder? Police and safety experts say to stay in the vehicle with your belt on and call emergency services. Several people found the consequences of not following this advice recently.

One person got into a minor fender bender on the way to work. There was no shoulder in the area she wrecked in. She stepped out of her vehicle and was immediately hit by a passing pickup truck. She leaves behind three children.

Not an hour later, another accident happened a mile down the road from the first. A driver got his car wedged inside a guardrail and stacked it on a TxDOT message board sign. The driver was taken to the hospital, but his passenger died in the accident.

In unusual circumstances, the best advice is to stay as safe as possible. Follow all road rules unless it would put you in a dangerous situation. If you have been hurt after a wreck, contact our skilled personal injury attorneys for advice. We can help you decide whether you need to pursue compensation or not.


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