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    Train Drags SUV Down Tracks

    An accident in La Marque involving an SUV and a freight train has left two people injured.

    In a news report appearing on the DFW CBS Local website ,  a couple traveling in the SUV ignored the flashing lights at a railroad crossing and attempted to go under the barricade before striking a train that was stopped.

    According to a spokesperson with the La Marque Police Department, one officer who responded to the accident as able to capture on video from his body camera the train begin to move and dragging the wrecked SUV with the two injured people trapped inside along with it.

    A La Marque officer had called for Life Flight moments before and was comforting the injured people inside the vehicle when the train began rolling.

    Video footage shows the officer running after the train in an attempt to capture the attention of the engineer. When unsuccessful, he enlisted the help of an ambulance crew on the scene to get to the front of the moving locomotive to finally stop the train from dragging the vehicle and its occupants any further.  A fire truck was finally able to get the engineer to halt the train.

    The couple were freed from the wreckage of their SUV and flown to the hospital via Life Flight.  The driver of the vehicle remains in serious condition while the passenger is recovering from non-life–threatening injuries.

    All too often, accidents involving trains and motor vehicles can end in tragedy.  Whenever a passenger vehicle or even an 18-wheeler, goes up against a train, the smaller, lighter vehicle will almost always end up being the loser.

    If a railroad crossing has a signal light, be sure to stop if you hear the signal or see the flashing lights.  Never be tempted to go around train crossing arms when they are lowered.  The few minutes of time you have to wait on the train is a very small price to pay and is not worth risking your life for.

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