Passenger Injured when Driver has Heart Attack

Chopper 11 - CBSDFWMany times it’s the passenger in a car that is injured and facing incredible medical bills and injuries that might take years to recover from. When this happens, it is often difficult to get the kind of assistance you need, especially when the driver was killed in the accident and was at fault.

A man in Terrell is finding that out now after the car he was riding in veered off of the road and struck a wooden post. It is believed that the driver had a heart attack prompting the crash, but it is known that vehicle rolled over and severely injured the other person in the car.

The 76 year old man was taken to the local hospital with back and neck pain, but didn’t seem to have life threatening injuries. It will most likely be a long recovery that is required for everything to heal properly, but dealing with the loss of income on top of medical bills during that time can be almost impossible.

That is precisely why there are Dallas attorneys who specialize in this kind of case. With the right kind of knowledge and experience you can have someone who is willing to do the fighting for you. Taking insurance companies and estates to court in order to receive a cash settlement is never something that you should attempt on your own. Rather than being left out in the cold, though, you can make the call today and hire a lawyer that will stop at nothing to make sure you are taken care of.


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