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    NHTSA Tour Visits Fort Worth

    Tens of millions of vehicles have been recalled because of defective airbags. The National Highway Transportation Safety Administration (NHTSA) is now taking steps to raise awareness across four states about this and other issues.  On Saturday dozens of vehicles lined up to find out more from the federal tour at the Buc-ee’s parking lot in Fort Worth in order to get their free safety check.

    The NHTSA brought their “Safe Cars Save Lives” tour to the gas station hoping to help to address some of the issues that many consumers have about the safety of their own vehicles.

    The tour lists nine cities and also gives further information about recent safety recalls and the vehicles affected by them according to NHTSA Administrator Mark Rosekind. The tour began in m Washington D.C. and is heading to southern states that are more affected by the recalls. “And we’re looking for recalls, checking tires, car seats, and hopefully educating people about heat stroke.”

    Rosekind said an overwhelming number of the cars that have been affected have still not undergone repairs to fix the issues. “Right now, about half the cars we’re checking have an open recall the driver didn’t know about,” he said. “About 25 percent of cars don’t get remedied, we think it should be 100 percent of all cars get fixed; it’s free!”

    The tour was only at the gas station for approximately an hour and a half, but the federal agency representatives were able to find several vehicles with open recalls.

    Other issues that officials hope to address are to educate parents about double checking their vehicles for children and not leaving them in hot cars. Dana Walraven with Safe Kids Tarrant County was on hand at Saturday’s event. “Even on a cooler day, 83 degrees,” said Walraven showing the temperature, “it’s almost a hundred degrees in the car.”

    Rosekind indicated that there is already talk of possibly taking the “Safer Cars” tour nationwide.

    Since airbags began being installed in motor vehicles, they have undoubtedly saved millions of lives. However, when a feature that is intended to save lives instead costs them because they malfunction, that is when government agencies such as the NHTSA step in. The auto industry is making great strides to correct the issue but has been slow in making sure every affected vehicle is repaired. Not every car buyer has been informed of the recalls, even though the government is pushing to remedy the situation.

    If you or a loved one has been injured in an accident involving the failure of an airbag or another kind of accident, it is a good idea to get the experienced advice of an attorney. For those living in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, our attorneys can offer you the kind of advice that can help you after the accident.

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