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    New Acquit Center Renovations Not Up to Snuff

    A slip-and-fall accident may keep the city of Plano’s newly renovated Acquit Center closed.

    It has been less than two years since the city spent over $5 million dollars renovating the facility and the doors are likely to remain closed until inspectors are satisfied that there are no further safety issues. Less than two years later, it’s closed until the city can be sure it’s safe.

    David Robb fell through a grate and plummeted nearly two feet straight down. The accident pitched Robb forward into the pool. It left Robb with a fractured shin bone, torn ligaments and cartilage. He will most likely have to undergo a knee replacement and is now in a wheelchair.

    Officials with the City of Plano had initially believed that Robb’s accident was an isolate incident; however workers who replaced the broken tile that caused Robb’s accident indicated that there were other hairline cracks that were found beneath a number of other tiles as well.

    An outside engineering firm has been hired to independently inspect the aquatic facility and will make recommendations for any needed repairs before it opens to the public again.

    Public facilities must be maintained in order to insure the safety of the public that uses them. Maintaining a code of safety standards reduces the risk of accidents from happening. Injuries from aquatic centers including slips and falls inside of them are just a few of the things that must be avoided to insure public safety.

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