Multi-Car Crash in North Richland Hills

We’ve all felt like we’ve been trapped in a parking lot exit hoping for an opportunity to merge. But some people stick the noses of their cars out too far in an attempt to get other drivers to slow down or stop. This is a very dangerous practice that can lead to a crash.

This seems to be what happened in a multi-car crash in North Richland Hills. A 2016 Chevy Cruz edged their way out of a Chuck. E. Cheese parking lot onto Boulevard 26. The Cruz was smashed into a wall by a truck and forced the truck to crash into a third car.

Two of the occupants in the Cruz were taken to the hospital, while a third died on the scene. Occupants of the other two vehicles were unharmed. From what the news report suggests, the Cruz was just too eager to get out into traffic rather than waiting for their turn.

When a lawyer takes a look at a crash case, they have to take into account what their clients did to contribute to it. If they made rash decisions, that lowers their chances of obtaining adequate compensation. Yet lawyers must be made aware of the whole situation so they can present the best case.

Yet sometimes people avoid talking to a lawyer because they feel an accident is their fault. Before making that decision, you should talk with a personal injury lawyer you can trust to see if you’re right or not. If you live in Dallas, speak with our personal injury attorneys today. We can help you get back on your feet.


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