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    Log Cabin Shattered in Propane Explosion

    A Grandview grandmother had died after her log home was literally turned inside out in a propane explosion over the weekend. Sixty-two year old Wanda Davis was home alone when the explosion occurred around 10:58 p.m. Saturday.

    According to preliminary investigations, the blast is being blamed on a propane gas leak that ignited the water heaters. What is left of the house is little more than splinters and rubble.

    Propane gas is often chosen as a readily available source for heat and energy for more than a century. Unfortunately, however, the use of propane gas in heating and even in propane gas grills can pose certain dangers. One of those dangers, unfortunately, is explosions that can result in serious injuries or even death.

    Accidents can be attributed to defective propane tank valves or a defective propane tank. Innocently, tanks can be penetrated by lawn care equipment or falling trees and debris. A loose valve on a propane tank or in the gas line can possibly cause gas to leak from the tank and create a hazard. Because propane or natural gas vapors are heavier than oxygen or the air that we breathe, these gas vapors can potentially travel from the leaky tank or gas line to an ignition source. The ignition source that can be anything such as a pilot light on a furnace or other types of HVAC systems, a stove, a clothes dryer, a heater, or even the small spark from an electrical light switch. Once this leaked gas ignited, it can potentially create a flashback and result in an explosion that can seriously injure or kill whoever is in the vicinity.

    If you or a loved one has been involved in an accident involving a gas or other type of explosion, our personal injury and accident attorneys can help. The incredible trauma that is caused by such accidents and the long term medical and rehabilitative care or funeral expenses can add up quickly and can create a real financial hardship for families. We are here to help you receive compensation for your injuries and hold those who are responsible to account. The initial consultation and legal analysis with our law offices is free and without obligation to you.

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