Hit and Run Driver Found

ButupaCar accidents are stressful. They leave people injured, out of work, and struggling to return to normal. When the accident is a hit-and-run, it is even more troublesome as there are other criminal charges to deal with and an even larger court case. That can also mean that it is more important to have a specialized attorney on your side that knows how to handle these kinds of car accidents.

Take the Arlington case of a 73 year old man being struck by a car while he was walking down the street. The car that struck him fled the scene, leaving him for dead. The victim was allowed out of the hospital, but still said he was suffering a large amount of pain as a result of the broken ribs and vertebrae that he suffered, along with a multitude of other less serious injuries.

The person driving the car was not found for a time, but was then discovered to be a 25 year old local man who was living with his parents. His blue Honda Civic was discovered to have several damaged parts, all of which were consistent with running over a pedestrian, including a cracked windshield, damage to the bumper, and a dented hood.

The young man responsible for the crash will almost certainly face criminal charges, but he is also going to be responsible for monetary compensation to the victim that he placed in the hospital. Fortunately for the victim, quality attorneys are available in Dallas that can take the young man to court, try him with force, and make sure that the victim has everything that he could ever need to recover and live a normal life after such a tragic accident. If you need similar protection, call our law offices today.


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