Hit and Run Driver Charged with Murder

Spinal InjuryIn 2014, police were chasing a stolen van through the streets of Dallas. The drive got so dangerous that they backed off, but the van kept going. It ran a stop sign and crashed into the side of a car. The two perpetrators got out on foot and ran away.

They were later arrested in Florida. Now the driver has been charged with murder and two counts of fleeing the scene of an accident. The accident had killed a 13-year-old boy, the son of a local police sergeant. The trauma of the collision was so severe that the boy’s skull was completely separated from his spinal cord.

This isn’t the first time the man had stolen a vehicle either. Multiple officers testified to the man’s history of stealing vehicles and running from the police. It would appear that this man’s thrill-chasing days are over. The passenger was only charged with a probation violation.

If you are swept up into an accident due to a criminal act, seek legal help. The outcome of a criminal case will have great impact on any civil case you may bring forward. The amount of evidence needed to convict a criminal is higher than what is necessary for a civil case. If you need compensation after your injuries, call our law offices. We can help you.


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