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    Cement Mixer Tips Over and Traps Vehicle

    In an accident on Friday afternoon, a cement mixer tipped over and struck a pickup truck on the south side of Eagle Mountain Lake. According to a news story that appeared on the Dallas-Fort Worth CBS Local website, the accident happened in the 6500 block of Wells Burnett Road.

    The accident resulted in people being trapped inside both vehicles; one inside the cement truck and the other inside the pickup truck. Both people were extricated from their vehicle and were transported to an area hospital by ambulance.

    Authorities say that both suffered injuries that were non-life threatening and are expected to be ok. So far there is no word on the cause of the accident.

    There can be a number of reasons into how an accident involving a heavy work truck such as a cement mixer can happen. At the end of all, investigators will most likely be able to whether the cause was weather-related, reckless driving, improper driver training, mechanical failures or a driver that is fatigued.

    These heavy-duty work trucks are designed to deliver loads of cement or concrete to a job site within a limited window of time. Most experts in cement construction agree that a load of cement must be delivered no later than 90 minutes after being loaded so that the cement does not harden inside the mixer.

    Serious injury and even fatalities have resulted from accidents involving cement trucks. In almost every instance, all other vehicles that are in the vicinity at the time are at a definite disadvantage in terms of size and weight. These trucks when fully loaded can weigh as much as 70 tons. They also have a very high center of gravity and can easily tip over. If the load is spilled during the accident, other drivers could also be put at serious risk from the contents pouring out onto the roadway.

    If you or a loved one has been involved in an accident with a cement mixer, contact our law offices today. Our firm is committed to the needs of our clients and will work vigorously to both defend your rights and to ensure that you receive just compensation for your injuries.

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