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    Callous Driver Indicted by Grand Jury

    Callous Driver in Dallas Dallas accident case

    The driver who shouted, “I don’t care,” after he hit a motorcyclist with his own vehicle has been indicted by a Hood County grand jury.

    The grand jury has indicted William Sam Crum, 68, on Friday for his role in an accident that happened in mid-October that left two people injured. Crum has been given a whole lot more to care about with two felony counts of intentionally hitting a motorcycle.

    Crum’s indictment was served on Saturday. Crum has been being held in Hood County Jail with bond set at $150,000 since the Oct. 17 crash near Granbury.

    The entire incident was filmed by a fellow motorcyclist who was wearing camera gear at the time of the Crum’s intentional accident that left Eric Sanders and Debra Simpson injured as their bike was struck by Crum’s truck. On the video, the entire incident is captured. After the accident, Crum is shown pulling over his vehicle and being confronted by the cyclist wearing the gear about what Crum was doing and that he hit them.

    Crum responded with indifference, “I don’t care.”

    It isn’t often that a YouTube video goes viral. In this particular case, however, it not only went viral but was likely instrumental in the conviction of William Sam Crum. He has been held accountable for the crime he committed and will likely serve a lengthy jail sentence.

    Even with a conviction, however, the story is most likely not finished. William Sam Crum also faces more legal trouble in civil court. He is also liable for the injuries and the damages that his actions likely caused. The hospital expenses, time off the job and damages he caused all fall upon the person who is convicted. Once he is released from jail, he will also likely face being dropped from his insurance or even losing his license as a result.

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