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Police Find Four Car Crash

Arlington Police are investigating a four-vehicle crash last Saturday that sent several people to the hospital.

According to a spokesperson with the Arlington Police Department, an officer came upon a crash involving four vehicles at the intersection of Green Oaks Boulevard and Pleasant Ridge Road.

While not fully determined, the accident appears to have been initiated by a rear-end crash. The impact then caused a chain reaction which caused an additional vehicle that was traveling southbound to become involved in the accident.

The department spokesperson indicated in a statement that “a couple of people” were taken to hospitals. The exact number of those injured in the crash and the extent and status of their injuries is not yet known.

The accident is still currently under investigation.

No one can truly know when an accident will happen or what the circumstances surrounding it will be. Even if a driver takes every precaution to remain safe, they can still be involved in a crash through no fault of their own.

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