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    Woman Dead after Pickup Lands Upside-Down in River

    A driver of a pickup truck is dead after losing control of their vehicle, going through a barrier, and sending it plunging off a bridge and into the Trinity River.

    According to officials, the accident occurred at approximately 6:20 a.m. on East Loop 820 at Trinity Boulevard near Randol Mill Road in East Fort Worth.

    Fort Worth Police speculate that the female driver, who has not yet been identified, lost control and took out part of the guard rail of the Trinity Boulevard Bridge. The truck landed upside down in the riverbed below. Special crews had to be dispatched to pull the vehicle from the water.

    The woman’s body was recovered at around 7:00 a.m. and she was pronounced dead at the scene of the crash. Emergency crews brought in a thermal imaging device in order to determine that there were no other victims in or near the crash site.

    Sometimes it can be difficult to sort out the cause of an accident and who or what may have been at fault. Every accident has within it, a specific set of circumstances along with the injuries, damage and losses. A good attorney knows what is needed to help get to the bottom of a case because they understand the law and can help to unravel the underlying cause of motor vehicle accidents.

    While many accidents may be caused by the negligence of the driver, it is possible that an accident has been caused by product defect or failure. In cases such as these, car manufacturer or one of their suppliers may be held responsible for injuries caused by a defect under the law of product liability.

    Other liabilities may also include possible road defects. It could be that a roadway is deemed unsafe because of poor construction or design. If a road has had previous issues surrounding poor design, improper construction, improper or inadequate signs, signals or any other kind of defects, these can be a contributing factor in the cause of an accident that results in serious injuries or even death. Liabilities can be traced to a privately owned road construction companies who have constructed the roadway. These liabilities can also be traced to cities or even to state or federal agencies.

    If you or a loved one have been injured in an auto accident, give our offices a call. Our law offices will do the legwork and hire investigators to find out how and why your accident was caused. Our attorneys will help you find the best resources and courses of action suited to your situation. Costs such as medical expenses, rehabilitative care and even the tragic expense of funeral costs are all a part of a personal injury settlement. We are here for you and have years of experience in successfully representing our clients in the Texas courts. A meeting with us is confidential and without cost or obligation to you.

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