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    Truck Carrying Liquid Nitrogen Overturns

    A tanker truck carrying compressed liquid nitrogen has overturned on the northbound Spur 408 at Interstate 20.

    Dallas Fire Rescue spokesman Jason Evans said the initial call came in at about 1:30 p.m. Monday. At 2:45 p.m., the tanker truck, its cab facing the wrong direction, was still reported to be lying in the shoulder of the spur with liquid nitrogen leaking out of its rear at the time of this report.

    “Good thing is that I’m told the compressed liquid immediately turns into gas once it comes in contact with the air,” wrote Evans in an email. “Therefore, the only danger is someone coming in direct contact with it.”

    Officials are uncertain just how many gallons of the liquid nitrogen were on board the tanker when it overturned or the cause of the accident. Emergency crews had the spur blocked off; however, Interstate 20 was not affected by the accident.

    Evans said the driver exited the truck safely and that the company is handling the cleanup effort.

    Accidents involving 18-wheel trucks cam be dangerous. The large commercial over the road rigs have a are much larger than other vehicles on the road and that gives them a definite advantage. If a truck is fully loaded, it can often weigh as much as 80,000 pounds or some 40 tons! Hazardous materials such as propane, petrol, anhydrous ammonia and other potentially dangerous substances are often transported by large tanker trucks. These trucks share the road with every day drivers, and are often less maneuverable than other vehicles based on their sheer size. Because of this, it increases the potential dangers for am accident to happen. Accidents can be caused by any number of factors such as road conditions, driver experience, the consumption of alcohol or drugs, and even the lack of sleep can play a crucial role. Truck drivers and those around them can potentially avoid potentially hazardous situations by staying awake and aware as much as possible. However, even in the best case scenarios and with experienced drivers, accidents can and do happen.

    If you or someone you love has been injured in an accident involving a long-haul truck, give us a call. Truck accidents can be very serious and can often even be deadly. Settlement cases surrounding truck accidents can be lengthy and confusing and recreating a scene may take years for the ‘experts’ to argue. This is why you need to have the experienced counsel of attorneys in the Dallas area with a proven track record who will take the time to get you the compensation you and your loved ones deserve. Give our offices a call today and speak with one of our lawyers. They will discuss all of the options surrounding your case with you and potential courses of action. We can help you in receiving the compensation for any property damage, medical expenses or other losses that were the direct result of your accident. Give our offices a call today and speak to one of our lawyers. Your initial consultation is without charge or obligation.

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