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    Sheriff Deputy Arrested For Allegedly Murdering Girlfriend

    A Sheriff’s deputy in Tarrant County has been arrested after discovering that he murdered his girlfriend after claiming that she’d killed herself.

    NBCDFW reported earlier this week that Denton Police had arrested Tarrant County Sheriff’s undercover narcotics officer, Deputy Jay Allen Rotter, on Wednesday, September 16th, for the murder of his girlfriend, 46-year-old Leslie Lynn Hartman.

    Investigators say on Wednesday, August 26th, at approximately 11:34 p.m. Deputy Rotter called 911 to report that Hartman had shot herself at a home that the couple shared in the 2400 block of Robinwood Lane.

    Denton Police officers arrived at the home to find Hartman’s body.  Investigations of the scene continued for three weeks.  In a statement released by a spokesperson for the Denton Police Department, detectives executed search warrants and analyzed physical evidence. Denton Police concluded that the evidence pointed to Rotter as being a primary suspect in Hartman’s death. Police sought a warrant for the deputy’s arrest.

    Court documents indicate that Rotter told 911 dispatchers when reporting the incident that Hartman shot herself in the head with his service revolver as the couple hugged. 

    Hartman’s neighbors said that despite a car accident that left her unable to walk, she was upbeat,  artistic, and personable. The idea that she committed suicide didn’t add up.

    Investigators say that during a police interview, Rotter refused to surrender his cellphone and restored it to its factory settings when he was left in the interrogation room alone. A search warrant was issued for all electronic devices in the home that the couple shared, and forensic downloads were performed.

    Investigations revealed that Hartman and Rotter had had a conversation on the night of her murder. During the conversation, Rotter said that he was in a mood and would need to sort himself out due to the amount of drugs he had been using. 

    A Discord chats retrieved from a computer at the couple’s home, a shell casing in the backyard of the home, security video from a neighbor’s home, and an organic milk container with an entrance and exit hole in it all pointed to Rotter.

    On Monday, September 14th, Rotter was arrested for murder. He is currently being held in the Denton City Jail on a bond of $1,150,000.

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