Police Chase on SMU Campus

download (15)If you were to look at the list of unfortunate things that you could do in your vehicle, there would be drunken driving, speeding, and leading police on a chase.  All three of these actions don’t have great outcomes for those who do them, but yet they’re still done.

One person decided to give in to his desire for a police chase by driving his silver Chevrolet truck erratically around the SMU campus.  Campus police, being interested in stopping this person before any damage was done, tried to pull over the man.

The man decided to run away, making the SMU police chase him through the campus at high speed.  They lost him when he reached Mockingbird Lane.  They found him again, however, ramming another truck that was going into the DART Mockingbird Station.

Once crashing into the truck, the driver then careened into a sign, finally coming to rest at a light pole.  He was pronounced dead at the scene, while the one who was hit didn’t receive any life-threatening injuries.

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