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    Police Chase Ends In School Bus Crash

    No one gets up in the morning, prepares for work or school and goes out with the intention getting into an accident. When an accident is the direct result of a police chase, simply being in the wrong time can end in tragedy. In fact, this type of accident happens more often than you might think. Because police are often so focused on the pursuit of fugitives and less on innocent bystanders, this makes them one of the major causes of automobile accident injuries.

    According to an article that appeared on the CBS Local website in Dallas, such a chase involving police began in Murphy and ended in a multi-vehicle crash on Friday afternoon. One of the vehicles involved in the accident a Plano ISD school bus.

    Authorities indicate that the chase began when police attempted to pull over a driver that they suspected of DWI. The driver took off in an attempt to elude law enforcement, leading them through Allen and Plano.

    The chase ended when the driver crashed his pickup truck into a pole at 75 and Spring Creek Parkway. The crash caused the vehicle to catch fire.

    According to Plano Fire and Rescue, there was only one student who had been on board the school bus that was involved in the crash. The student was not injured in the accident.

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