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    Keeping Your Car Cool To Avoid A Tragedy

    With the scorching temperatures that have reached record highs this summer, everyone needs to remember never to leave children or animals inside a car.

    The NBC affiliate in Dallas – Fort Worth reports that internal temperatures inside a vehicle can reach dangerous levels in just a matter of minutes.

    How it gets so hot so fast

    Even if you think that it isn’t all that hot when you park your car, which can change very quickly. Sunlight shines through the windows of a vehicle.

    Because glass becomes like an insulator for this heat and the interior further absorbs the light and heat, acting very much in the way that a greenhouse would. Depending on the outdoor temperature, whether or not the car is parked in direct sunlight and the type of vehicle it is temperatures inside a vehicle that is closed with doors closed and windows rolled up can reach 120 degrees Fahrenheit in just 40 minutes!

    Leaving children and pets inside a car is not only dangerous and potentially deadly; it is also illegal. Each year, both children and animals die when left in hot a hot vehicle.

    Tips for Keeping Your Car Cool

    Not only is the interior getting hot, but dashboards also don’t like to be in direct sunlight. Left out in the sun too often, and they will crack and fade. Steering wheels and dark-colored upholstery can also become extremely hot and can cause mild burns. Here are some tips to take some of the heat off of your vehicle:

    • Park in the shade – It seems obvious, but it can make a difference in keeping your car cooler in the summer. Sure you may get some bird droppings or a bit of leaf and debris from the tree itself, but you can cool it off inside your vehicle faster by putting it in the shade.
    • Use a sunshade – Using a sunshade in your front windshield can keep your car cooler and help prevent your dashboard from cracking or fading.
    • Use Steering Wheel and Seat Covers –These automotive accessories aren’t just for show. They are practical in keeping steering wheels and seats more comfortable when your vehicle has been out in the sun.

    It’s also a good idea to keep your vehicle serviced regularly. Make sure that your vehicle has adequate coolant levels, have a cellphone on hand in case you get into trouble. It’s also a good idea to have a cooler with some ice and bottled water or other drinks in the car with you for extended trips or for those times when you’re stuck in traffic.

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