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    Pee Break Leads To Tragedy On Highway

    The decision to get behind the wheel after drinking is never a good idea; in fact, it can often end in tragedy as it did along Interstate 30 in Dallas on Friday night.

     In a story that appeared on Dallas local CBS news, one man was killed and two others injured after a driver stopped the vehicle he and four other people were riding in along the highway in order to urinate.

    According to investigators, the accident happened at a little before 1:00 a.m. along I-30 near Ferguson Road. Police arrived on the scene to a two-vehicle crash in the right-hand lane of the highway.

    A woman who was driving a red Mercedes came upon a Honda that was stopped in the lane she was currently traveling in. She told investigators that she did not have enough time to react in order to avoid an accident. Her vehicle rear-ended the stopped vehicle causing injuries to several people in both vehicles.

    Two people who were in the Honda, the driver, identified as Derrick Tate, 39, and another male passenger stopped the vehicle in order to relieve themselves. It was then that Tate’s vehicle, which was stopped in the right lane, was rear-ended by the Mercedes.

    Police are still investigating the details surrounding the death of the man who was killed in the incident. So far he is only being described as an African American male. The name and age of the victim have not been released by officials because he was not carrying any identification with him at the time of the fatal crash.

    At least two of the additional passengers were also injured. They were transported to Baylor Medical Center in Dallas for treatment. Both were listed in serious condition. Police did not release any further information regarding the fifth person who was inside the Honda.

    Police say that investigators were able to determine that Tate had been driving at the time of the crash. Police officers placed Tate under arrest at the scene and he is being charged with two counts of intoxication assault causing serious bodily injury. Investigators say that because Tate stopped on the roadway, it caused the accident resulting in both serious injury and death.

    The driver of the Mercedes was not detained and released from the scene by police. No charges were filed.

    Taking a road trip can sometimes mean taking an inevitable bathroom spot at some point along the way. The best way to avoid an accident is to stop at a rest stop, a gas station, truck stop or restaurant in order to use the facilities. Unfortunately, however, there can be long stretches of road where such stops are simply not available and making a ‘pit stop’ along the road seems to be the only viable option. For safety sake, it is important to pull off the road in a safe place off the roadway and onto a shoulder, preferably in a place where oncoming drivers can see you.

    Even when taking every possible safety precaution an accident can still happen. If you or a loved one lives in the Dallas-Fort Worth area and has been involved in an accident, an attorney can help you protect your rights and receive compensation.

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