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    Injury at Haunted House may lead to Legal Action

    An Arlington-area teen said that she was hurt after a seasonal visit to a local haunted house last Thursday. Lauren Mitchell, age 13, loves Halloween. However, when she went to a local haunted house as part of her celebrations she was not expecting to get hurt.

    Mitchell was at the Halloween attraction Boneyard, located near Six Flags Mall, when a clown jumped out to scare her and her family. The clown accidently poked her in the eye.

    Lauren’s mother, Sandy Mitchell was with her, and claims that they were not asked to sign a waiver before entering the haunted house. When Sandy Mitchell wanted to speak with the owner or manager of the attraction, someone by the name of “Dan” came to speak with the family. Dan, according to Sandy Mitchel, “…wasn’t really interested.”

    Numbers were exchanged between Sandy Mitchell and the owner of the attraction prior to taking Laruen to Las Colinas Medical Center, where the teen learned she had a burned cornea. “It felt like scratching and like claws were in my eyes,” Lauren said.

    Sandy Mitchell made several attempts via phone and email to contact the owner, however, said that none have been returned.

    Dan Hall, the owner of The Boneyard, however, claims that there have been no incidents brought to his attention involving anyone who may have required medical attention so far this year. Hall further stated that the haunted house has protocols that are in place to address any issues that arrive should anyone be hurt at the attraction. Hall maintains that Lauren Mitchell’s story did not ring a bell.

    The Mitchell family has reported the incident to Arlington police. There was no mention of pending legal action.

    Halloween is a popular holiday. Some people plan for months for this spooky holiday for a night of costumes, candy and frightful fun. With fun and frivolity, danger can also rear its head. Haunted houses, homemade treats, and innocent pranks can all turn a fun holiday into a night of horrors, with some resulting in a trip to the emergency room. You need to take extra precautions to keep yourself and your loved ones safe, whether you are going to a party in town or having a celebration at home.

    Injuries at haunted houses can be serious, some even life threatening. According to the Haunted House Association, there are an estimated 2,000 haunted attractions that operate every year in the United States. Roughly 8,000 people on average attend each of these facilities. In addition to this figure, there are approximately 1,000 single-day events operated by charities in the month of October. The Haunted House Association adds that amusement parks and other businesses often also get into the Halloween spirit by operating another 300 haunted events during the season. Fun and fear can often go awry and accidents are bound to happen as a result.

    If you or a loved one has been injured in a haunted house or other amusement attraction, give our offices a call. You have rights and may be entitled to compensation for your injuries. One of our experienced lawyers will take the time to sit down with you and go over your case. Injuries from an amusement attraction or haunted house due to negligence on can result in expensive medical costs, lost time at work, ongoing physical rehabilitation, pain and suffering. We have years of experience as personal injury and accident attorneys in the Texas courts and have successfully represented our clients. Your initial consultation is confidential, and without cost or obligation to you.

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