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    Four Dead and Several Injured in Head-On Collision

    Four people are dead and several others are injured after a multiple vehicle accident outside of Glen Rose just after 1:30 p.m. Friday.

    The accident occurred on Highway 67 near the Somervell and Erath County lines. A sedan and minivan were involved in a head-on collision approximately 7 miles west of Glen Rose near Chalk Mountain.

    First responders from Somervell and Erath counties were the first on scene of the head-on collision. At 2:30 p.m. three helicopters had been sent to the scene of the crash.

    Both eastbound and westbound traffic on 67 was delayed as parts of the roadway were closed to through vehicles for an unforeseeable amount of time. The cause of the accident is still under investigation.

    Head-on crashes can be the most catastrophic kinds of accident of all. Even though head-on collisions make up approximately just 2 percent of motor vehicle accidents, they are responsible for 10 percent of all traffic fatalities.

    When two moving vehicles speed directly toward each other and collide, by the laws of physics, the force of the impact is doubled. Usually it is the driver and the passenger in the front seat who are most vulnerable because they are closest to the point of impact. Those who are in this area are most exposed to potential injury and  fatalities. Often those injuries can include, brain injuries, neck and head trauma, damage as well as exposure to vital organ and spinal cord injuries.

    Accidents of this type can often be prevented by avoiding drinking and driving, or driving under the influence of powerful drugs which can include some prescription drugs. Also, making sure not to drive when sleep-deprived or overtired and avoiding driver distraction such as adjusting a radio, setting the GPS, or texting and driving. It only takes three seconds for a distracted driver to drift over the line into the wrong lane and hit another vehicle head-on. The potential dangers are not worth the risk.

    If you or a loved one have been seriously injured or tragically lost their life in a head-on collision caused by another driver, give our offices a call. You may be entitled to receive compensation you for your injuries. Expenses such as medical bills, which can often continue longer period of time after such a serious accident, reconstructive and rehabilitative surgery, as well as long time therapy and care, can cost many thousands of dollars. With such concerns, you will need to be represented by an experienced attorney who can help you obtain the best settlement possible. When you call our offices, we will match you with an attorney who will listen to the details of your case and can offer several suggestions as to how to proceed. Your attorney can also serve as your representative to all insurance companies and other parties connected with your accident. We are here to help you to start getting your life back on track. Your initial consultation with our offices is completely confidential and has no cost or obligation to you.

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