Alleged DUI Driver Kills Two In Speeding Crash

Speeding and running a red light is dangerous enough. Combine it with drunk driving and a fatal crash and you have something much worse. CBS in Dallas-Fort Worth is reporting on a crash that killed two people under just such circumstances.

On Sunday morning, police say that a speeding driver on Frankford Road ran a red light and crashed into the side of another vehicle. That vehicle was pushed into a pole. The crash killed both people inside at the scene.

Police say that the driver was drunk and arrested him for intoxication manslaughter. The BAC level of the driver was not released.

Convicted drunk drivers deserve the full penalty of the law, and this includes civil damages. The financial costs of the death of a loved one extend far beyond funeral expenses. Lost wages and losing the help of a spouse are just two of the many other kinds of damages that can be sought.

The first step to pursuing damages after someone recklessly causes injury or death is to contact a personal injury lawyer. If you live in Dallas, the team to call is ours. We’re ready to help you pursue what is rightfully yours according to law. Call the number on your screen or use our webform today to schedule a free consultation.


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