Alleged Drunk Driver Crashes into Cruiser in Hurst

Sometimes you go to the crash. Sometimes the crash comes to you. Either way, it’s something for the police to deal with. An accident Hurst got an alleged drunk driver off the road after she crashed into a police cruiser. CBS in Dallas has the story.

The cruiser was sitting on Loop 820 blocking traffic while another crash was getting cleared off the road. It was at 3 AM, so the officer’s lights were on to warn the other vehicles to merge over. Despite the lights, the alleged drunk driver crashed into the rear of the officer’s vehicle.

The officer had to be taken to the hospital. He has since been discharged. The woman, who was uninjured,  was arrested and charged with intoxication assault with a vehicle.

We hope that the insurance carried by the city will help cover the costs of the injured officer. However, so many people get hurt by drunk drivers and don’t have enough money from settlements to cover their losses. That’s when you need the help of a personal injury attorney on your side.

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