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    5-Year-Old Boy Steals The Family Van To Buy A Lamborghini

    While most kids would be satisfied with a model of their dream car, a 5-year-old boy insisted that his mother buy him the real thing. When she refused, he decided he’d go out and buy one for himself.

    CBS Local in Dallas reports that earlier this month, Adrian Zamarripa, wanted his mother to buy him a $200,000 Lamborghini.  When his mother told him no, the boy decided to take the keys of his parents’ SUV the following day and head out to California to buy himself one.

    On Monday,  May 4th, Adrian’s older stepsister, Sidney Estrada, fell asleep while watching her little brother, and their parents were at work.  Adrian saw his opportunity set out to fulfill his dream with just three dollars in his wallet.

    Adrian was traveling along Interstate 15 at just over 30 miles per hour when he was pulled over by Utah Highway Patrol Trooper Rick Morgan only two miles away from his family home.

    As he approached the vehicle, Trooper Morgan  was shocked to see someone so young behind the wheel. Dashcam video shows Trooper Morgan asking Adrian how old he is and why he was on the road.  Adrian told the trooper his age and proceeded to explain his dilemma.

    Initially, Adrian’s family was panicked when they saw that the SUV and Adrian were both missing and feared he might have been kidnapped.  Adrian’s parents insist that he had never driven a car before, and they aren’t sure how he managed to get the car keys or get onto the interstate.

    Entrepreneur and philanthropist Jeremy Neves, 33, from Orem, Utah, was impressed by the boy’s tenacity.  Neves, himself the owner of a black matte Lamborghini, reached out to the family and asked if he could take Adrian for a ride in his car. Adrian and his sister jumped at the chance.

    “Hey, I was 12 when I took my parents’ car,” Neves told the Washington Post. “This kid is 5? I couldn’t believe it. I thought, ‘This kid is ambitious and has no fear.’ ”

    While Neves doesn’t condone dangerous behavior or stealing cars, he does believe in focusing on the good things in the incident.  Adrian will now have to do extra chores as punishment for what he did.

    “Let’s not miss the gift and the genius of this little boy,” Neves said. “He was determined, willing to do whatever it took to go after his dream. You don’t want that dreaming to stop.”

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