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    5 Reasons To Undergo Physical Therapy After a Car Accident


    Most car accident victims either get emergency treatment right away, or see a doctor in the days after their accident. But many never think to get physical therapy—even if it would actually help significantly with their injury. If you’ve been injured in a car accident, physical therapy might be something to consider, and it could make a huge difference in your recovery. Here are five reasons why.

    1. Physical therapy can reduce pain.

    When you have an injury, many people think the best thing you can do is stay off of it, or “baby” that part of your body. And that’s often true at first. But for many injuries, there comes a point when it actually helps with healing if you start using or putting weight on that part of your body again. This is especially true with joint injuries, loss of muscle, and anything involving arthritis. Wait until your doctor or physical therapist recommends it, but when the time comes, you might be surprised how much less pain you have to live with once you’re in PT.

    2. You may be able to avoid surgery.

    This is highly dependent on the type of injury and how it’s initially treated. However, many car accident victims will be told they don’t need surgery now, but will eventually as the damaged part of the body wears out. But it’s often possible to prolong your use of the affected area and put off surgery, or avoid ever needing surgery at all, if you get the right physical therapy treatment.

    3. PT can prevent long-term damage.

    This is especially true if you start physical therapy right away, but it can help even if weeks or months have gone by. Many injuries will heal better or worse depending on how you are using and exercising that part of the body, and physical therapy can help you avoid chronic pain, long-term limitations or other serious damage.

    4. You may be able to regain range of motion & physical capabilities.

    Is your car accident injury keeping you from working? Worse, is it preventing you from walking or doing simple things, like using your hands? These may not be conditions you have to live with forever. The science of physical therapy was developed, in large part, to restore mobility and help people regain physical capabilities after a severe injury. The limitations you deal with today may not be permanent—and PT can help them get better.

    5. It’s covered by your car accident settlement.

    Many people don’t realize they can get the costs of PT paid for under their insurance recovery or settlement for their car accident. But physical therapy is a valid medical expense and, if it’s recommended by your doctor because of your injury, the costs can be covered. Of course, insurers will not always offer this willingly—and it’s almost never included in their initial offer. But if you have a good car accident lawyer, it’s very realistic to expect that you can get the PT you need at no cost to you.

    Get your physical therapy covered by your car accident claim.

    If you’ve suffered from injuries related to a car accident, physical therapy may make a crucial difference—and we can help you get PT and other needs covered by your accident claim. Let our Dallas car accident lawyers help you. Fill out our contact form or call us at 469-998-4069 to get a FREE consultation today.

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