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Pedestrian Killed in Foot Chase on Interstate

Police in Forest Hill are investigating an accident that killed a pedestrian on Thursday afternoon. Witnesses report that the victim may have been running from police. He crossed a gas station parking lot then ran into traffic on Interstate 20 near 287. He was then struck by a semi-truck and killed.

Authorities from the Forest Hill Police Department said officers had been called to the scene to assist another agency in a foot pursuit. However, by the time that the backup officers had arrived at the scene, the victim had already been struck by the 18-wheeler.

The incident remains under investigation as to why the victim had running and who he was running from. The identity of the man who was killed has not yet been released.

Most people travelling on Texas freeways will get to their destinations without incident. However, accidents can happen. With so many vehicles driving at high rates of speed, it is just a matter of when rather than if. It is extremely dangerous for pedestrians to ever walk onto an Interstate or freeway, even in the case of emergencies. It is also illegal in the state of Texas for pedestrians, bicyclists and even horses to be on those types of roadways.

If you or a loved one have been involved in an auto-pedestrian accident, having an experienced attorney on your side is important. Determining liability is an essential element of successfully handling any personal injury claim. Our attorneys will work with experts in order to establish fault and liability in freeway collisions. Recovery from such accidents can be lengthy and expensive, especially with the high price of medical expenses, time off of work, damages, pain and suffering.

The lawyers in our offices have years of experience with auto-pedestrian and freeway accidents. Give our offices a call for your free initial consultation. We will match you with an attorney that will take the time to discuss the details of your specific case and can offer suggestions on how to best proceed.

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