Driving Fast on the Interstate is a Bad Dream

download (38)There’s something that a large number of people want to do: drive a sports car at fast speeds on the interstate.  It doesn’t matter which interstate, but the car has to go fast.  What the person doesn’t expect when they’re dreaming about this sports car is the outcome of this particular story.

A person his late 20’s was driving a sports car early in the morning.  The roads were fairly clear with the exception of the tractor trailer that was on the roadway at the same time.  The two met and it was decidedly not kismet.

The driver of the sports car lost control of the vehicle, rammed into a barrier, and then managed to wedge the vehicle underneath an 18-wheeler.  The driver was dead at the scene, and firefighters literally had to pry the man out from underneath the rig.

The ambulance driver says that there were three people injured.  There might have been other people other than the drivers of the vehicle involved.  While police are investigating, it’s suspected that speed was a factor in this incident.

While this is a tragic incident, it serves as a lesson to the other drivers out there – those who would want to go fast on the interstate.  Even though there aren’t as many people around, the circumstances are still as deadly.

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