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Motorcyclist Crashes and Catches Fire in Fatal Accident


Speeding away from a motorcycle accident is never a good idea, but in this case it led to fatal results. According to WFAA-TV, a motorcyclist was pulled over very early this morning in Garland near Jupiter Road. The motorcyclist refused to cooperate and instead sped off at a speed over 100 mph in an attempt to avoid getting ticketed according to the officer at the scene.

However, at Plano Road, tragedy struck. We don’t’ know if the cyclist ran the light, but he smashed into a Cadillac that was crossing the intersection at that high rate of speed. It hit with sufficient force to spin the Cadillac and crush the motorcycle beyond recognition and make it burst into flame. The driver was hurled off, and was also on fire.

A witness and the pursuing officer disentangled him from the wreckage despite the flames. He was taken to the hospital, but later died due to his injuries. The driver of the Cadillac was treated for minor injuries due to the crash.

Motorcyclists sometimes think that because of their smaller size and great acceleration they can get away from traffic stops. It can also lead to other dangerous activities like weaving between lanes, especially on interstates.  At high speeds it can seem like the other cars are much slower in relation to you. This gives the illusion that they can be dodged well in advance. However, this is extremely dangerous especially on a surface road. Stopping needs much more distance at a high rate of speed, even for a light motorcycle. Even worse, the results are usually fatal for the motorcyclist at these speeds due to their relative lack of protection. At some speeds, not even leather and a helmet will help you out.

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