Woman Charged In Connection with Fatal Ejection Accident

Lee J. HaywoodDrunk driving very rarely ends well.  For most people, it can lead to a lifetime of having a criminal record.  It can also mean the death of other people who are around in an accident.

In Dallas, a woman is finding that out the hard way because she is now being charged with intoxicated manslaughter. She and her passenger were driving in the westbound lane of Cedar Crest Boulevard when their vehicle crashed into a bridge’s retaining wall, then continuing and hitting a tree.

When the car struck the tree, the 40 year old passenger was ejected from the car, even though she had her seatbelt on at the time of the crash. The woman died at the scene of the accident, while the driver was taken to the Baylor Medical Center.

Among the charges against the defendant is intoxication manslaughter, which comes with a bail of $100,000. Regardless of the criminal charges against her, however, there is reason to believe the family of the victim will be entitled to their own rewards to help them recover and grieve the

The legal system will not be kind to them, though, and they might be left out on their own in this time of need. It can be incredibly difficult to navigate the courts without a good attorney by your side, which is why Dallas attorneys work so hard to fight for you and get you anything that you need. The right kind of help is invaluable in this time and you will be able to grieve in your own way, making sure that you are taken care of for years to come without having to stress. Contact us today for your free consultation.


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