Wine Truck Catches Fire, Shuts Down Lanes for 3 Hours

A toast goes out to the driver of a big rig for excellent maneuvering.  Early in the morning, just before rush hour, a semi carrying 41,000 pounds of wine caught fire.

Office Richard Harrison had no explanation for the truck, which was hauling 1,200 cases of wine, catching on fire in the wee hours of the morning in Fort Worth.  The traffic lanes were shut down while the fire and police departments managed the situation.

Unfortunately, the lanes themselves were shut down for around three hours, giving rush hour quite the snarl.  Some of the drivers even thought about going the other way, which murfled up the works all around the area.

The driver of the truck was only slightly injured.  He didn’t go to the hospital, and is said to be doing quite well.  There were no other people involved in this fire.  The details of the fire are still being investigated.

I-35 has seen its share of accidents and injuries.  There seems to be one every single day, and that situation isn’t going away.  In this case, there’s a huge question: who will pay for the property damaged in this fire?

Was there a vehicle malfunction that caused the fire? What if the accident had been worse and injured more than the driver of the vehicle?  When you have questions about personal injury and liability when it comes to car accidents in Dallas, we can help.

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