Three Firefighters Injured by Drunk Driver

In another drunk driving story, this time involving a wreck with a fire truck, three Arlington firefighters were injured in a crash on Interstate 30. They were working on the scene of a rollover accident around 3 in the morning when the driver crashed into their engine.

Fortunately, the injuries that they sustained were relatively minor, though one firefighter did have an open head wound. They have all been released from the hospital. The drunk driver was also injured and was taken to the hospital under police supervision. That driver is now facing intoxication assault charges.

These firefighters were really lucky. Every day, thousands of public safety officials have to work on the shoulders of very dangerous roads. This is why many states make it a law to move over one lane when approaching the scene of an accident. It’s very easy for someone to be off just enough to cause an injury or death even when sober, much less drunk. Such accidents face severe penalties from the state, and potentially large damages in civil court.

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