The Jaws of Life

downloadThe Jaws of Life are often referred in crashes, and they save lives. The force of a crash can prevent rescuers from getting victims out of a vehicle. In a life-threatening situation this can cause the victim to die from their injuries.

News stories make sound like it’s just one tool, but there are actually several different tools used. They are all portable hydraulic tools that cut, spread, or ram open a part of a crushed vehicle. Just recently these tools had to be used to rescue a man in Fort Worth who crashed his car into a tree. He suffered a lot of damage to his lower limbs. Rescuers had to cut the man free from the vehicle using hydraulic tools. Thankfully, the injuries are not life-threatening.

We wanted to give thanks to the inventors and users of these life-saving devices. Without them, rescuers would have to use tools like circular saws to cut through the metal, which could send sparks flying everywhere, or crowbars that could ruin the structural stability of the vehicle. The Jaws of Life are a necessary part of today’s rescue crews.

Hopefully you’ll never be in an accident bad enough where they’ll need to use them, but if you are you will need a personal injury lawyer to help you with your injury case. Contact our Dallas personal injury team today for a free consultation.


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