Teen Mother Killed in Car Accident

images (12)Stories of tragedy fill the news every day. We have to be careful not to become numb to them. Every accident has a real person behind it. A good personal injury lawyer tries to remember that every day. Compassion is a necessary component of this profession.

This recent story touched our hearts. A 15-year-old teen mother was killed in a car accident in Fort Worth. She was a passenger in the vehicle. The vehicle was crossing Texas Highway 199 and Nine Mile Bridge Road when it was struck on the passenger side by a pickup hauling a trailer. The collision was so forceful it pushed the vehicle into a Chevrolet Avalanche.

The child’s father and the infant were both hospitalized after the crash, but the young mother died at the scene.

If you are swept up in such an accident, you may wonder how you’ll ever recover from your injuries and loss. Financial compensation can take care of medical bills, loss of wages, final expenses, and to a lesser extent, the pain and suffering you feel. We can help you file a suit to help you get that compensation.

If you have been injured in an accident and live in the Dallas area, call our offices. We can help you as we have helped many others, but it all starts with you making one phone call. Call today.


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